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Social Welfare Department, UP (Uttar Pradesh)

Social Welfare Department, UP


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About Social Welfare Department, UP

Students – not Chhatrao scholarship scheme, SC / Book Bank Scheme for Jnjatiyon, fee reimbursement scheme, non-recurring subsidy scheme, technical education facilities, central Puronidhanit special scholarship scheme for persons engaged in unclean Pensha plan scheduled by the Social Welfare Department races and tribes within the welfare sector for SC / dispense various welfare schemes being implemented for the welfare of the nations which are primarily educational, economic, social and classified under other schemes.

Schemes operated by the Department of Social Welfare SCs / STs and SCs were acquitted scholarship scheme, the general class living below the poverty line, voluntary organizations working on education and economic assistance provided to them relating to the planning, upgrading slums state The upkeep related to the planning, implementation plans SC Atrocities Act 1989, ashram schools and hostels operating system, scheduled caste married persons / illness including plans to provide grants. In addition, under Special Component Plan for Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation Self Employment Scheme, Sanitary Mart plan, shop building plans, skills training plans and free of boring old scheme is being operated.

Social Welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh

Social Welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh

Discretionary fund social welfare grants are approved by the Minister. 0 to Rs 35,000.00 has been set up under it. In addition, weak and old houses, Government Operations monastic houses, houses state Bhikshug is being conducted and various voluntary organizations working for the welfare of Scheduled Castes funding is provided.

National Social Assistance Programme under the National Old Age Pension Scheme, National Family Planning have been permissible under certain features beneficiaries.
The following organizations are working under the Department of Social Welfare is: -

1. Directorate of Social Welfare, Uttar Pradesh 0 0, Lucknow.
2. Tribal Development Directorate, Uttar Pradesh 0 0, Lucknow.
3. Prohibition Directorate, Uttar Pradesh 0 0, Lucknow.
4. Uttar Pradesh Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation ltd (0) Lucknow.
5. Uttar Pradesh Social Welfare Corporation ltd (0) Lucknow.
6. Uttar Pradesh SC / ST and Prrshikshn Research Institute, Lucknow.
7. Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Research and Training Institute, Uttar Pradesh 0 0, Lucknow.
8. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.

Activites of Social Welfare Department, UP

Work division among the officers at the government level are given below: -
Principal Secretary, Social Welfare Department, Social Welfare Department of the Controller and function of cells belonging to different sections and Ministerial / Deputy Secretary / Joint Secretary / Special Secretary to the Chief Secretary through Ptravliyon submission is pending. Social welfare functions were assigned to different sections and cells are given below: -
Social Welfare Section -1

1. Gazetted Officers establishment of social welfare functions and terms of service.
2. Establishment of non-gazetted officers of the Department of Social Welfare Work, and service issues.
3. Establishment of branch officers and employees of social welfare secretary work.
4. Newborn minority welfare, the Muslim Waqf, handicapped welfare and backward class welfare department, branch establishment and all accounting functions.
5. Govind Vallabh Pant Polytechnic, Lucknow, and the corresponding total business establishment.
6. Prohibition of all matters relating to officers and employees of the installation work and service.
7. Commissioner of Scheduled Castes and Tribes A 0 Q 0 installation.
8. Government Ashram School system installation-related tasks.
9. Additional District Development Officer of the establishment and service matters.
10. Assistant Development Aiaऎauari / Rural Development Officer, c 0 of 0 All work on the installation.
11. The establishment of the Directorate tribe gazetted officers and accounting matters.
12. Establishment of non-gazetted staff and accounting of Tribal Affairs Directorate.
13. Work relating to establishment of industrial training institute.
14. The Q 0 0 Scheduled Castes and Tribes Research and Training Institute, Lucknow installation of officers and employees, and their related service work matters.
15. Relating to the Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / Legislative Assembly / Legislative Council Questions and court-related tasks.

Social Welfare Section -2

1. All work related to financial grants to voluntary organizations.
2. SC primary schools run by voluntary organizations / Hostels / libraries grants and work planning and budgeting.
3. Old Age / farmer pension scheme and action plans, planning and budget.
4. Lok Sabha, Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council Questions and assurances concerning the coordination tasks.
5. Libel by bandits and pirates self submissive act of persecution resettle the families.
6. Chief, Prime Minister / Government Disposal of references obtained from the Directorate of Public Grievances and coordinated.
7. Government of India, Annual Report of the Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes collection and dispatch of materials.
8. Commissioner for SCs and STs UP UP 0 0 publication of the annual report.
9. The Legislature Scheduled Castes / Tribes / liberated nations implementation of the recommendations contained in the Report of the Joint Committee.
10. Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Tribes UP UP 0 0 Implementation of the recommendations made in the annual report.
11. Government Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes / Implementation of the recommendations made in the Commission’s annual report.
12. Relating to the Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / Legislative Assembly / Legislative Council Questions, assurances and all work relating to court.
13. Coordinate the work of the Public Accounts Committee on the Prevention of objections.
14. Disposal of Paraj coordinated audits.
15. Public Accounts Committee / Estimates Committee / Assurance Committee / Petitions Committee and the Legislative Assembly / Council coordinating the work of other committees.
16. In addition, all other coordination tasks.
17. Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Tribes Sifarison entire work of the GOI.
18. Scheduled castes and tribes of India’s annual report for the compilation and transmission of content.
19. National Social Assistance Programme.

Social Welfare Section -3

1. Social Welfare / Tribal Development / Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission / prohibition / Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute and Research and Training Institute Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj Work Plan and Budget.
2. SC / ST / discharge planning caste children’s educational program (scholarship / coaching etc)
3. Subsidized Chhatrawasen / Ashram task of establishing the school system.
4. All matters relating to complaints of harassment SC.
5. General category & SC disease treatment and the poor subsidizing their daughters married.
6. Interracial / Antdharmik marriage incentive award scheme and interest-free loans for setting up small scale.
7. All work related to social welfare construction corporation.
8. A 0 Q 0 all the functions of the Valley Development Corporation ST.
9. Government and undertaking actions related to slum upgrading.
10. Tribal zones.
11. SC, ST and de species classification and related tasks.
12. The economic development plan liberated nations.
13. District Social Welfare Advisory Committee.
14. Standing Committee on SC.
15. Check bogus caste certificate.
16. Government of India and other states, SC, ST and de Welfare Committees / Commissions tour / protocol work.
17. Finance Commission information relating to various kinds of social welfare programs.
18. P 0 C 0 R 0 Atrocities Act Act and all related tasks.
19. Relating to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council Questions, assurance and related work of the Court.
20. Legislative Assembly / Legislative Council work rules.
21. Coordination Branch of the entire work plan and budget.
22. Work conducted under the coordination of social welfare corporations.
23. Ashram hundred percent subsidized school system (1) God Sharan Ashram school system, Allahabad (2) the manner Ashram School, Saharanpur (3) progress Ashram High School, Balangaj entire work of Lucknow.

Special Component Plan Cell

1. Special Central Assistance work.
2. All work relating to Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation.
3. Work relating to Special Component Plan.
4. Scheduled Caste people plan to shop building.
5. Scheduled Caste people subsidizing the industry.
6. Swchckar Liberation and Rehabilitation Plan.
7. Related Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council Questions and assurances Special Component Plan of action and coordinate all tasks.

Budget Cell
1. Special Component Plan and Tribal structure and its Swikritiyon all plan review, and work relating to the issuance and its consumption.

Pppn receive supervision and accountability, including the decision-making process
Department of Social Welfare at the government level prevailing in the various statutes, regulations, and guidelines from time to time in accordance with a decision issued Shasnadeshon system. According to the UP Government Secretariat Governance Manual Controller Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare, Social Welfare and control of subordinate personnel and their activity is regulated.

Ptn established departmental standards for discharge of the functions
Department of Social Welfare from time to time issued Shasnadeshon and policies are set standards for social welfare activities which is used to discharge the functions.

Tn departmental officers and staff for their functions exercised by rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records
Social Welfare Department from time to time issued various Acts / Rules / regulations and obligations are based on Shasnadeshon. For this purpose the Acts / Rules and Shasnadeshon important details are given below: –

1. Uttar Pradesh ministerial Harijan and Social Welfare Service (First Amendment) Rules 1998
2. Uttar Pradesh Tribal Development Department (inspectors and other field workers) Sewaniamavli 2002
3. Uttar Pradesh Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes Commission (Amendment) Act 2002
4. Uttar Pradesh Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission (Amendment) Act, 2001
5. Uttar Pradesh Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Research and Training Institute research officer Sewaniamavli, 2000
6. Uttar Pradesh Tribal Development Department technical personnel Sewaniamavli 1999
7. Uttar Pradesh Tribal Development ministerial Sewaniamavli 1992
8. Uttar Pradesh Gazetted Officer Sewaniamavli Harijan and Social Welfare (First Amendment), 2004
9. Uttar Pradesh Tribal Development gazetted officer Sewaniamavli 1991
10. Prohibition of state employees (NGE Sewaniamavli) 1999
11. State Old Age Pension Scheme Rules (as amended to November 1981).
12. Uttar Pradesh Prohibition Act on August begging, begging UP Prohibition Rules, 1975 and November 1975.
13. -1 989 SC Atrocities Act
14. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Rules 1995
15. Civil Rights Act -1955
16. Citizen Charter – Website of the Department of Social Welfare.
17. Important mandate –
Excuse. Social Welfare Department, Additional District Development Officer (monthly) number of orders to be marked confidential Entries -5059/26-1- 2004-8 (87) / 2003 dated 02.04.2004.
Excuse. Social Welfare / Tribal Development Department Dyeing in schools run by the cadre of Grade C 0 t 0 being declared number of orders in relation -1766/26-1-2004-2 (77) / 94 dated 10.14.2004.
Excuse. Government school teachers Ashram pattern acceptance of the revised scale from the date 01/01/96 Number mandate -3506/26-1- 2004-119 (138) / 96 dated 12.16.2004.
Excuse. National Family Benefit Scheme run by the Social Welfare Department in the implementation of the simplification of the process, the mandate -92 M / 26-2-2004-100 (149) / 2002 dated June 2, 2004 and the mandate -2288/26-2-2004- 100 (149) / 2002 dated 20 August 2004.
Excuse. Mandate review process set in sequence number of old-age pension -2013/26-2-99-11 (26) / 90 dated August 4, 99. Old age pension under the state’s mandate to cover all the eligible beneficiaries per cent -3523/26-2-05-500 (45) / 97 dated 01.25.06.
Excuse. The increase in monthly pension under the National Old Age Pension Scheme mandate related to the -71 m 0 s 0/26-2-2003-152/94 on October 16, 2003.
Excuse. Government grants to voluntary organizations required for the proposals to be forwarded on the recommendation of the -1186/26-2-2000 office memo dated June 19, 2000.
Excuse. Recognized by the Department of Basic Education Basic schools operated under private Prabndhadikarn recurrent / non-recurrent grant to be included in the mandate -2378/26-3-89-9 (15) / 78 dated March 31, 89, GO No. -1 386 / 26-3-92-9 (9) / 92 dated March 31 to 92, mandate the -514/26-3-94-9 (6) / 93 dated March 31, 94, GO numbers – 822/26-3-99- 9 (6) / 93 dated May 21, 99.
Excuse. Social Welfare Department subsidized private schools / school approval and new posts were created in the clear mandate of the number -4260/26-2-2003-4 (9) / 2000 dated 16 January 2004.
Excuse. SC, ST and discharge caste students – students scholarship distribution process of determining the number of thematic mandate -3492/26-3-91- 4 (215) / 90 dated October 4, 91, mandate the -5935/26-3-97 – 4 (215) / 90 T 0 C 0 on November 15, 97, GO No. -1036 / 26-3-98-4 (215) / 90 T 0 C 0 Date May 5, 98, and orders numbers – 1887/26-3-2002-4 (215) / 90 T 0 C 0 Date July 10, 2002 and orders the -2507/26-3-99-4 (215) / 90 T 0 C 0 dated August 4, 1999.
Excuse. General class of parents living below poverty line students – students of the SC students – students be permitted to facilitate scholarship thirty thematic mandate of the -2172 / 26-3-04-4 (134) / 04 dated 08/16/2004
Excuse. Persecute persecution SC / ST persons and rehabilitation aid to the thematic mandate -4578/26-3- 95-4 (256) / 94 dated October 17, 1995.
Excuse. Overall rural villages under the scheme mandate to determine the parameters for Sntriptikrn -2729/26-2-2004 dated 02.21.2005.
Excuse. NCS series Sntriptikrn mandate of the selected villages in the affected areas -513/26-2-2006-100 (1) / 2004 dated 02.28.2006

Tpn and control of documents held by the Department Sreniyon
All officers and employees of Department of Social Welfare Secretariat to discharge its obligations Manuvl and acted in accordance with the Rules of Business and Shasnadeshon is important and necessary related records are kept.

Tppn policy or its implementation details of the arrangements for consultation or representation in relation to public
In this regard from time to time issued Shasnadeshon the Carywahiyon operates, but it indirectly public representation or consultation arrangements at the government level does not exist, yet the people’s representatives and ma 0 members given by representations Ttprtapuvrk considered the.
Tpppn high-level consulting to Boards / Committees details
Social Welfare Department under the Scheduled Castes in Uttar Pradesh to be disposed of complaints commission has scheduled castes and tribes. Commission of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and four members designated.
In addition to providing preventive counseling for ethical prohibition State Council on the state level and district level committee has been formed at the district prohibition and Smajotthan.

Social Welfare Department UP, Contact Details

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Social Welfare Department, UP  

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